Why choose Publicators?

Why choose Publicators?
Publicators provides technology solutions and professional human capital. Our team consists of Strategic Development consultants and uncompromising service. Our customers, large and leading companies as well as medium and small businesses, enjoy our diligent development of advanced Email Marketing Solutions that fit the needs of the growing and ever changing market.

  Israel’s leading Email Marketing Softwares

Our Emailing Softwares enable organizations and marketers to get better results. Advanced features such as user segmentation, targeted campaigns, smart profiles manager, forms and surveys creator etc., help Marketers foster relationships with clients easily, analyze campaign results and provide better marketing opportunities.

  Improve delivery rates

Publicators ensures almost 100% deliverability! We maintain constant contact with Internet Server Providers in order to deal with various obstructions resulting from frequent changes in their policies, as well as statistical control to identify problems. In addition, we provide tools to help you avoid black lists and ensure the reputation of your company.

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