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Wishing our friends a happy spring season of joy and celebration of your respective Passover and Easter holidays.
Prof. Judith Gal-Ezer receives IEEE's Taylor L. Booth Education Award

The Open University of Israel extends its congratulations to Prof. Judith Gal-Ezer, past Vice President for Academic Affairs, upon receiving the Taylor L. Booth Education Award for 2015, by the IEEE Computer Society. Gal-Ezer won the award for her outstanding research and application in the field of teaching computer science. 

Prof. Judith Gal-Ezer
   Meet Lara Steinberg – alumnus, graduate student and OUI employee

Lara Steinberg is a proud OUI graduate with a degree in management. Now pursuing an MBA, her story exemplifies the outstanding motivation of OUI students, as well as the flexibility that the Open University offers in order to make academic goals attainable in the face of personal responsibilities. Lara earned her bachelor’s degree while working fulltime, and even overtime, in addition to caring for her mother as she battled cancer. Flexible scheduling permitted Lara to adjust her program to two courses per semester, while allowing time to pursue her love of dance as well. Her master's degree studies were interrupted for two years in order to fight her own battle with a potentially fatal illness. With the encouragement of faculty and colleagues, Lara persisted in her studies, and plans to continue towards a Ph.D. She shared her story on the OUI Facebook page as part of the OUI alumni profile project.

Lara is also an OUI employee, managing the office of Prof. Sara Guri-Rosenblit, Dean of Development and Learning Technologies.

Lara Steinberg
A new series featuring lectures by OUI faculty members followed by films

Proceeds from Cinema Academia and other cultural events held by the OUI Alumni Association in conjunction with the university go to the university scholarship fund. In March, Prof. Yoram Eshet, head of the master’s program in technologies and learning systems, and founder of the Research Center for Innovation in Learning Technologies, opened the Cinema Academia meeting with a lecture on processes of relearning following brain injuries. He addressed the subject from the perspective of his own personal experience following injury in the October 1973 Yom Kippur War. The lecture was followed by a screening of the film, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (France, U.S. 2007).

Publicity for the event
Conference addresses timely question before national elections

Is God Right-wing? This was the title of the Research Institute for Policy, Political Economy and Society conference on March 16, 2015, one day before Israel's national elections. Guest scholars from Israel and abroad, representing local and international perspectives joined OUI faculty in addressing the connection between religion and political attitudes. Dr. Varda Wasserman, director of the institute, together with Dr. Netanel Fisher of the OUI Department of Sociology, Political Science and Communication welcomed attendees. Dr. Fisher, whose field of expertise is religion and politics, closed the conference's final session on Israeli case studies with his lecture “Moving towards center: dilution of religious identity as a means of access to government.”

Publicity for the conference


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